Incubate Youth Conference ‘Accelerating Potential’

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Welcome to the 2016 Incubate Youth Conference ‘Accelerating Potential’. We have a fully catered event with workshops to tackle key areas you have told us you are interested in. Register now for one workshop only on a theme that interests you.

Date: March 7, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm – THIS EVENT HAS PASSED.

3 Minute Speech Competition

We’ll kick off with a competition for 10 people to prepare a 3 minute speech on ‘Any theme you choose’. There will be prizes for the top 3 speeches. Register now if you want give a speech and then register for any of the workshops below.

Incubate Job Ready Program

We have an expert go through your CV, give you interview tips, and prepare you to stand out to get the job you want.
Maximum 25 seats

Incubate Well being and Identity workshop

Have a panel of experts including a psychiatrist who will lead a conversation on how we can develop a strong sense of identity and look after our mental health. You will leave this session with a clear plan for yourself and others.
Maximum 25 seats


This is for people interested in leading or participating in change. We have key Changemakers who will help you navigate the system and answer all your questions on how you can speak change to power and create the society you want.
Maximum 25 seats

Starting and Running a Business

This is for young people interested in starting or growing their business. We have key panellists who will share their insights and answer your questions so you can confidently navigate the process.
Maximum 25 seats