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Incubate Foundation develops programs in consultation with our members and community.

We also develop programs in collaboration with other organisations and subject matter experts for the benefit of our members. Our primary purpose is creating inspiring events, workshops and resources that empower members of our community to reach their fullest potential personally and professionally.

Incubate Foundation is governed by a board of African Australian Professionals with backgrounds in accounting, management, law, governance, professional training, and medicine. Our aim is to build a sustainable and responsive organisation that connects people to the many opportunities that exist.

The name ‘Incubate’ was inspired by the founders personal experience nurturing a premature baby and watching her grow in an ‘incubator’. The incubator gave her sustenance and a safe space to grow and develop in preparation for the world. Our hope is that we collaboratively create spaces to grow into your best selves and be inspired to contribute to others.


To develop the potential of African Australians and celebrate their achievements and contributions to the wider community.


Enabling young African Australians to reach their fullest potential


The management of the organisation is run by the Board.